Being the solitary country connecting upper east Africa and the Middle East, Egypt isperhaps the most established human advancement. When used by pharaohs and clerics, presently is a secret stash of obsolescent sanctuaries, pyramids, and necropolis loaded up with lovely toms and dividers encrusted with painting and mummies covered with treasures. Amother lode of collectibles, Egypt sitsalong the Nile. It ishome to some renowned old world's fortunes, for example, the Karnak Temple, The Three Kings, The Sphinx, Valley of the Kings, and so on. Aside from that, Cairo holds the Hassock domain's images as the Mohammad Ali Mosque and the Cairo Museum.Egypt is also known as the Arab Repub- lic of Egypt, This country is Transcontinental and Mediterranean Country nearest River Of Nile.Egypt is a fusion of Africa, Mediterranean and Arab influences that is alluring. The country has a unique history, culture and norms. Egypt has well-respected institutions and provide an alluring en- vironment. Depending on where you select to study in the country, you will be staying in the midst of ancientmonuments in Cairo, within walking distance of some of the ancient Lighthouse in Alexandria or on the beaches of the Mediterranean. Also, ti is a home to some of the world's most well-known historic sites, including the Temples of Karnak, the Valley of the Kings and the Great Pyramids. Egypt has grown into a dy- namic societywith a rapidly developing economy.



 Why Study at EGYPT ?

The Egyptian government has identified higher education as a priority, and is enacting a series of programs designed to make universities in Egypt more internationally competitive. Egypt currently has 20public uni- versities (with about two million students) and 23 private universities (60,000 students). As well as six institutions featured in the QS World University Rankings, Egypt has all 20 representatives in the QS Arab Region University Rankings, including seven within the top 50.

Egypt Medical Universities intrigues more students for MBBS Abroad. MBBS in Egypt offers a preserved climate for both male and female students. Students worldwide like Malaysia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Dubai, Africa, Nigeria, UK, India are progressing towards a socially and widened country, Egypt. This fulfils and urges students who mean to turn into a specialist. The acceptance cyclein Egypt's medical Universities is simple, and the entrance test isn't needed. There are great and experienced employees who work in the medical Universities of Egypt.

Their educational system depends on the MCQ design for the whole medical program. The climate condition is like that of India. English is used as the medium of administration. They do educate in different dia- lects like French, German, and Arabic. Students are prepared in centers with the goal that they get great medical exposure. The land job open- ings effectively with an overall perceived degree. Along these lines, MBBS in Egypt leads to eminent specialists across the globe.

With the aid of Sterling study abroad, Egypt Medical Universities attract more students interested in MBBS abroad. Both male and female students can pursue their medical degrees in Egypt in a safe environment. Globally, students from places like Malaysia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Dubai, Africa, Nigeria, the UK, and India are moving closer to Egypt, a nation with a broader socioeconomic spectrum. This encourages and satisfies students who want to become specialists. The entrance exam is not required, and the acceptance process in Egypt's medical universities is straightforward. The Egyptian medical universities employ excellent and knowledgeable personnel.  

Their educational system depends on the MCQ design for the whole medical program. The climate condition is like that of India. English is used as the medium of administration. They do educate in different dia- lectslike French, German, and Arabic. Students are prepared in center's with the goal that they get great medical exposure. The land job open- ings effectively with an overall perceived degree. Along these lines, MBBS in Egypt leads to eminent specialists across the globe.





  •  AIN SHAMS UNIVERSITY 700 - 750 (1950) 
  •  MANSOURA UNIVERSITY 800 -1000 (1972)





Egypt, a nation situated in Africa's landmass, is a permanent place to stay for top-class colleges of the world for seeking after MBBS. The country, which is the home for one of the world's seven miracles, isn't simply restricted to its travel industry but has built up its schooling framework, which remains in extraordinary rivalry to the Western world's education system. One should keep in mind Egypt's training system. It provides excellent quality instruction and has provided unique training compared to other quality training to many unfamiliar students in recent years. Presently, you may be wondering that out of the number of countries; a student would decide to go to Egypt. The given beneath focuses can clarify the idea quite well.

One of the real benefits of considering MBBS in Egypt is the expense factor. You will track down that education expense is less when contrast- ed with a portion of India's private medical schools.You will find numer- ous medical colleges in Egypt perceived by MCI and worldwide bodies like WHO. The Medium of teaching in medical colleges in Egypt is En- glish. So Indian students won't have an issue in studying in the medicalcolleges of Egypt. The nature of medical schooling in Egypt is excellent, and the Universities in this nation have a fantasticfoundation.

 1) Advanced Educational Environment:

Medical responsibilities at clinics are accessible for the students from the third year of MBBS in Egypt,which is generally not accessible in some other nation, making it a novel quality of seeking after MBBS from Egypt.

2) Better Option For Students In Gulf Country:

MBBS from Egypt can give an upper edge to the students while going after options in Gulf na- tions like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, etc. Students who seek after their MBBS courses from Egypt's colleges have also landed incredible job openings worldwide, including European nations like Germany.

3) One Of A Kind Method Of Evaluation Study:

Fees are an effective method of deciding an individual's capacity in a specific course. Having an exact estimate plan is vital toknow whether the individual is fit for fol- lowing the course in its definite structure or not. Conceptualizing questions can be of great use in an assessment example to know the understudies' accurate information. The estimation example of Egypt is like- wise exceptional. It depends on MCQ design in which information on
intelligent thinking questions and factual information about thesubject is needed for understudies to get the best marks.

4) Arrangement Of Selection Test:

The consent to rehearse medication in any nation requires a student with an MBBS degree to show up for the placement test. This selection test assumes a significant part in a student's existence with a lifelong point of view. fI a student can't clear the placement test, the person in question won't beallowed to practice med- icine in that country.

5) Traditional And Natural Appeal:

The Nile, the most extended stream of Africa and the world, goes through this country, giving ti exceptional scenes. The endearing magnificence found along the banks of the wa- terway can generally keep students calm. As the colleges for seeking after MBBS are situated along the stream Nile banks, students can gen- erally enjoy the lovely place and decrease their day-by-day stress.

6) Recognized University:

The colleges of Egypt are recognized by WHO, ECFMG, WFME, MCI, NMC, BDMC, MMC, etc. This high measureof support from different specialists worldwide gives an upper edge to Egypt's education system.

7) A-list landmarks:

Egypt is notable for its pyramids and other infrastructural landmarks. It is a permanent spot for one of the Seven Wonders of the World, which makes a generally excellent vacationer spot too. The pyramids and sphinx of Egypt are pulling in travellers from everywhere in the world.

 Duration of course

 5+2 years (1 year general internship +1 year specialisation internship)

 Universities approved by NMC (MCI)

 Ain Shames University, Alexandria University, Cairo University, Helwan University, Kafrelsheikh University, Mansoura University, Suez University, Tanta University, Zagazig University, Menoufia University.

 Internal students acceptance  Yes
 Average tuition fee  Average tuition fee approx. USD 7000/year (INR 5,25,000/year)
 Average accommodation cost  Average accommodation cost approx. USD 800/year (INR 1,35,000/year)
 Medium of instruction  English
 Official currency  Ruble
 Top 3 MBBS university

 Cairo medical university - rank 452 (WORLD)

 Ain shams university - rank 715 (WORLD)

 Alexandria university - rank 903 (WORLD)





To think about studying medicine in Egypt involves being in a protected environment. Students from countries around the world, including Malaysia, Nepal, Egypt, Dubai, Africa, Nigeria, the UK, and India, are making Egypt a focal point for remedial exams. The most experienced staff members are those working on the MBBS program in Egypt, however visitors are invited to share their knowledge with students. In Egypt, the MBBS approval confirmation communication is the most transparent and problem-free. Due to the variety of study halls, English is the administration language for the MBBS program in Egypt. Additionally, during meetings, French, German, and Arabic are also used.
Studying MBBS in Egypt, according to Sterling Study Abroad, entails receiving top-notch professional training.



 To Settle On A More Dependable Choice

  • MBBS in Egypt has gotten one of the most searched nations among students
  • MBBS in Egypt is minimal effort and reasonable with no trade-off on condition
  • Living expense and food in Egypt aremoderate as well as significant in quality and taste
  • Indian students will not feel the longing to go home as egypt is pretty much a s humid a s india while studying MBBS in Egypt
  • The top Four schools and colleges in egypt are under 1000 positions everywhere in the world for MBBS in Egypt
  • Separate hostel offices for young ladies and men studying MBBS in Egypt
  • Indian and Egyptian MBBS educational plan is very similar except for examinations
  • The Percentage for FMGC screening tests and USMLE and PLAB are very high in Egypt
  • To study in Egypt implies getting a free travel industry package with a-list schooling. With such countless archaeological and verifiable miracles, students wil have a ton of spots to go in much lesstime




"Egypt has the most reliable quality education, and the expense of medical training in Egypt is low

MBBS in Egypt is a simple admission procedure Moderate expenses without the donation

The medical universities are operated with exceptional research centre offices

The medical schools in Egypt follow the US-based educational plan

The Universities have encountered resources that follow well- suited educator student proportion

Medical services are provided to clinical alumni






Cairo University - One of Egypt's oldest Universities, that had tie up with sterling study abroad and the first University of Egypt which was established in 1908. It has 26 departments in various disciplines, Cairo University is ranked 551-600 in theworld and 10th in the Arab region. The University also appears in the rankings by subject eight times, with a position in the worldwide top 150 for pharmacy and pharmacology. Giza, a district across the Nile from Cairo, is home to Egypt's main University, the University of Cairo. It wasfounded on 21st De- cember 1908, but its main campus with faculties was not established until 1929. The University of Cairo has served as a venue for medical studies for several students each year. Egyptian Universities consider it the "Mother of Universities" due to its historical significance as one of the oldest in the country.

Cairo University faculty of medicine thrives on the mission of preparing world-class physicians who help the community and take over the world. The University strives to bring out the best in its students through struc- tured learning and good research facilities. Students are taught interactive learning techniques so they will be able to overcome obstacles in the future.

 About 155,000 students are currently enrolled in the University's 20 facul- ties and 3 institutions. The students admitted can be sure that they will be accommodated at reputed hospitals and have a secure life. The university works continuously for the betterment of the community at large. The teaching staff undergoes ongoing training programs to ensure that they stay on top of the latest technology and can impart knowledge to students as efficiently a s possible.

More than 5200 beds are available at hospitals affiliated with Cairo University's Faculty of Medicine, which is the largest medical institution in the Middle East. Students can engage in hands-on training along with real-life experiences during their studies. The university organizes a lot of events every year that let them compete with other universities and earn a solid position all around. As a whole, this university is a place where students can get the best resources to achieve the best results.


Affiliation and Recognition of Cairo University

 Cairo university faculty of medicine is recognized by  World health organization (WHO)
Cairo university is recognized by  Ministry of higher education of EGYPT
Cairo university is recognized by  Medical council of india(MCI)
Cairo university is accredited by  The national authority for quality assurance   and accredition of education


Advantages of MBBS at Cairo University

  • CairoUniversityh a sa hugelibraryavailablet ostudentsa tthe university.
  • Post-graduationstudentsfromCairoUniversitycanworkathos- pitalsaffiliatedwiththeuniversity.
  • Therea r ea coupleo fscholarshipprogramsa tCairoUniversity a swell.
  • CairoUniversityi ssituatedi nGazawhichi sa verywell-Known cityi nEgypt.
  • The fees are quite reasonable.
  • Because the language of instruction is English,international students face no language barriers.
  • Since students come from a variety of cultures and backgrounds,they can learn and interact with people with different values and cultures.
  • During their studies, students can even pursue internships,which gives them more exposure and knowledge.
  • Besides teaching in classrooms, the university also provides students life medical experiences through field training.








Ain Sham  University is a public university in Cairo, Egypt, that was founded in 1950. It was the third higher education institution to be established in Egypt, and it was erected on the site of a former royal house, the Zaafarana Palace- named after the area surrounding it, which wasknown forsaffron plants ('zaafaran' in Arabic).

Today, the university is organised across seven separate campuses, all located within the Greater Cairo area, and it also comprises 15 faculties alongside several research institutions.There live facilitiesfor college kids provided on campus also as sports and recreational facilities.

The university administration, as well as the arts, law, and science faculties,are all located on the main campus in Cairo's Abassia neighborhood. Commerce, Engineering, Medicine, Agriculture, Education, Pharmacy,
Dentistry, Computers and Information Sciences, Education, and Nursing are among the other faculties that are located elsewhere. Students at Ain Shams are encouraged to study abroad with the help of sterling study abroad , and the university has a variety of academic connections with overseas universities such as the University of Birmingham and Imperial College London in the United Kingdom, Monash University in Australia, and McGill University in Canada.

 Advantages of MBBS at Cairo University

Officially recognized by theMinistry of upper Education of Egypt, MCI, WHO, UNESCO.

Why Study MBBS at Ain Shams University?

  • Ain Shams University was founded in the year 1950, is the oldest public University in Egypt
  • Ain Shams University is the third oldest higher education institution in Egypt
  • Egyptian Prime Ministers Abd El Aziz Muhammad Hegazi and Serif Ismail are famous alumni of Ain Shams University
  • Globally recognized degree approved by National Medical Council of India (NMC) and World Health Organization (WHO)
  • 3rd ranked University in Egypt




Faculties of Ain Shams University


Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Dentistry 

Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Nursing 

Faculty of Agriculture





Alexandria University in Egypt was established in the year 1938 in the name Farouk University. Then it was renamed as Alexandria University. Alexandria University is the second largest university in Egypt. Alexandria University Faculty of Medicine has about 21 faculties and three institutes. In 1942 Alexandria University introduced the faculty of medicine.
Alexandra University College of medication is to supply the community with doctors World Health Organization square measure qualified during a diagnosing and management of community health issues supported scientific medical specialty Sciences data, with ethical issues. The Alex- andria University college of medication additionally works to furnish high-quality patient care and to facilitate research with quality vision and commitment. This university has direct tie up with sterling study abroad.

Affiliation And Recognition Of Alexandria University

World Health Organisation (WHO)

Medical Council of India (MCI)
Minister of Higher Education, Egypt 


 Why Study MBBS At Alexandria University?

  • Alexandria University is one of the topranked institutes in Egypt and also in the world
  • Alexandria is one of thewell experienced University especially in the faculty of medicine
  • Alexandria University's ranking is 1001+ in the QS Global World ranking and 4th in Egypt
  • The fees structure of Alexandria University islow compared to other universities
  • This University iscommitted to preparing students for rapidly changing workplace challenges
  • Alexandria University uses the latest technologies which helps the students to perform outstanding in this competitive world
  • Alexandria University provides attractive and better job offers when compared to other colleges in Egypt
  • Alexandria University follows the interactive learning method which will help thestudents in learning





 Required Documents For MBBS In EGYPT

  • Original And Copy Of Passport
  • Copy Of 10th And 12th Mark Sheets
  • Copy Of Invitation Letter Birth Certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • 10 Passport Size Photographs
  • Aids/HIV Test Should Be Attested By The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Medical Test





The Eligibility Criteria For MBBS In EGYPT

  • Students Should Pass Out 10, +2 With ARegular Board
  • 55% Marks In Physics, Chemistry And Biology
  • Cleared Neet








FIRST YEAR $7500 INR 6,00,000
SECOND YEAR $6000 INR 4,80,000
THIRD YEAR $6000 INR 4,80,000
FOURTH YEAR $6000 INR 4,80,000
FIFTH YEAR $6000 INR 4,80,00

  • sterling study abroad

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